About Us

SwiminGreece is the first of its kind company established in Greece that opens swimming paths in the Greek seas and brings to you open water swimming tours.

Our vision is to create images and experiences memorable for every swimmer in selected places of the Greek seas, which are amongst the most fascinating and safe seas across the world. In this ideal setting, we aim at offering our clients various opportunities of exercising, exploring, adventure and wellness without compromising on their safety. We also wish to bring together people who share a common passion for swimming.

We create new values of exploring, build friendships and communities and bring about mental and physical wellness.

Why swim with us: We know the Greek seas better than anybody else. Cooperating with the local communities we manage to be a part of them and eventually to be more flexible, quick and effective, achieving high levels of service and satisfaction.

Our principles

  • Best quality service is our everyday routine
  • We don’t compromise on our swimmers’ safety
  • We are responsible about the protection of the environment, leaving behind a positive footprint.

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Address: Dervenakion 11-13 str, 161 22, Athens, Greece
Phone/Fax: +30 6972874048
Email: info [at] swimingreece.com

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Marc tel: 0662554881