Safety simply is top priority in all SwiminGreece activities. All members of our team and all people involved in our swimming tours are trained, prepared to prevent and protect against situations that may be considered unsafe for our clients.

Our guides and lifeguards, are highly experienced swimmers. They are qualified beach lifeguards certified by the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Coast Guard Association and they all possess First Aid certificates.

During the swims, a main boat with the tour guide on board follows our swimmers from a safe distance and at low speed. The boat is steered by an experienced local skipper, who has excellent knowledge of the local seas and their peculiarities. At the same time, a small inflatable boat or kayak with a lifeguard on board follows the swimmers more closely.

All our tours are designed taking into account seasonal, local weather conditions and with a major concern to prevent possibly unsafe situations. Keeping this in mind, swimming routes are flexible to alterations or changes if the conditions are assessed as likely to put our swimmers at any possible risk.

All the above provisions are taken as to provide our clients the highest safety standards while swimming with us. However, the best provision is taken by the nature itself: Greek seas are considered among the safest seas across the world, as you will realise on your own during your swims.

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