Swimming holidays in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience

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Swim in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience


Swim in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience


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Swim in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience

Trip Info


Our hotel in Pollonia (http://www.apollon-milos.com/en/), Milos has been carefully chosen as to combine comfort, hospitality and a pleasant and friendly environment. The village of Pollonia offers plenty of opportunities to go out in the evening, walk around and have a wonderful time. The hotel offers mainly double rooms or studios, but you can book one for single use. However, availability of single rooms depends on the group size so early booking is suggested.


All breakfasts and lunch is included. Lunch meals are based on the Mediterranean diet and are prepared in cooperation with a nutritionist as to effectively cover the nutritional needs of swimmers after intense exercise.

Passports and Visas

For information on passports and visas required for travelling to Greece please check the official website of the Greek Tourism Organization.


There are no specific vaccinations required for Greece, but it is advised that your routine vaccinations are up-to-date, including tetanus and polio. However, vaccine recommendations are based on the available risk information for vaccine-preventable diseases in each destination, which can change at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that you refer to your national Center for Disease Control & Prevention and their website at least a month before your trip.

Essential Equipment

We provide water bottles and swim hats, but there are several items available in case you forget to bring your own, such as flippers and goggles.

It is recommended that you bring with you:

  • at least 2 swimming costumes
  • at least 2 pairs of swimming goggles (one clear and one tinted recommended)
  • sweater/fleece
  • towel
  • sun hat
  • waterproof sun cream
  • jacket
  • walking shoes
  • sandals or aqua shoes

Group Size

This tour has a maximum group size of 14 guests.

Swim in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience

How to get there

After arriving at the Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport you have two options to get to Milos: by plane or by boat

By plane:

Olympic Air operates two or three return flights daily from Athens to Milos. The flight takes 30 minutes and costs about 50 €, one-way.

By boat:

Milos can be reached from Piraeus port by the regular ferry or by speedboats. Various boats serve this route. The trip by regular ferry takes normally 6 to 7 hours, but it takes only 2.5 to 4 hours by speedboat. The regular ferry ticket costs approximately 32 €/adult, while for the speedboat ticket costs approximately 55€/adult.

To get to the port of Piraeus from the Airport you can take:

  1. The express bus X96 (every 20 min during the day, every 40 min at night, 24 hr/7 days), from the bus terminal at the airport, between doors 4 and 5 at the arrivals level. The trip takes 1-1.5 hours, and the ticket costs 3.20 €. The bus stops at Karaiskaki Square in Piraeus, just outside the port.
  2. Metro: You take Line 3 (blue line) from the airport, get off at Monastiraki stop, where you switch to Line 1 (green line), taking you to Piraeus. The journey time between the airport and the port is about 60 min. The Metro fare for the entire trip is €6. Please check the Athens metro map on Google maps for more information.
  3. A taxi at the arrivals level between doors 2 and 3. The taxi fare from Athens airport to Piraeus port is approximately 47€ day time (05:00-24:00) and 65€ night time (24:00-05:00)

Swim in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience


Day 1: Introduction

schday5Our very first meeting takes place in our hotel at 6:30 pm. After a welcome drink, you will be thoroughly introduced to the schedule and all the details will be explained and discussed. Right in front of your lodging, the sea and the rocks form natural pools where you may rest and relax. The perfect way to get prepared for your swimming adventure!



Day 2: The ancient swim and the white lunar beach

schday2Our adventure begins! First, we have a light breakfast at our hotel’s beautiful courtyard in front of the sea. Then, our boat will take us to the area of Ellinika in Kimolos for our introductory, training swim. Get ready for a swim over the breathtaking scenery of a sunken necropolis – a whole ancient town lies underwater.

During this introductory swim your guide will carefully monitor your swimming style and technique. We will be having lunch at one of the tavernas by the sea and taste some of the most delicious local dishes. After some rest, we will continue our swimming towards the unique and fabulous Prassa bay, with aquamarine-colored water and white, chalk-like sand. In the early evening we will have an optional swimming analysis session where we will discuss on open-water techniques and tips to improve your overall performance.

Day 3: First island hopping to Polyaigos, the biggest uninhabited island of the Aegean

schday3A very promising, exciting day begins, with our first island hopping. After a healthy breakfast we head to the amazing, unspoiled “jewel” island of Polyaigos, the largest uninhabited island of the Aegean and among the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea, an area protected by the Natura 2000 European ecological network. We will be starting from the Goupa fishing settlement at the Eastern coastline of Kimolos and will be swimming towards the sunny, sandy beach of Agia Anna at Polyaigos west coast. We relax and have lunch onboard while our skipper takes us to one of the most amazing places on the island, a beautiful “roofless” cave with emerald water. We will enjoy our meal in a scenery of unique beauty and tranquility and will have some relaxing dives into the cool water. On our way towards the South part of the island, we will be literally thrown into the water and swim for about 2,5 km heading towards Cape Kalogeros, a block of sharp-edged cliffs contrasting with the deep blue water. A swimming route full of alternating, colorful, geologically rich landscapes.

Day 4: The Lighthouse beach

schday4 2Get ready to swim to heaven! Since one swimming day at Polyaigos is not enough, our boat will take us there once again to discover the rest of its beautiful beaches. Following a marvelous swimming path of 3 km along South-East Polyaigos, we end up at a natural heaven, a marvelous tranquil beach which looks like a painting. On its one side you will discover a cave hidden behind the rocks and a streamlet flowing behind the beach. Perched at the top of the high rocks an old lighthouse overlooks the captivating scenery. We will be having a beach party lunch (!) and we will take our time to relax and enjoy moments of euphoria and tranquility in this secluded beach (just nature and us). Having swum more than enough kilometers, our pilot will take us back to Kimolos, where we are free to spend the rest of the day discovering its wonderful and peaceful capital village, “Chorio”, getting to know its great, friendly people and tasting some of the delicious local dishes. Alternatively, you can try some hiking along our suggested routes to enjoy the famous sunset in Cyclades. Later at night our boat will take you back to the hotel in Pollonia (if it is too late, you can take the ferry…).   

Day 5: A course full of highlights

schday6_2For this day, we have planned a unique tour along astonishing, alternating landscapes. Starting from Pollonia, we will be swimming along the Northern coastline of Milos, tracking some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Volcanic rocks, sandy beaches, fishing villages and rocky passages are some of the highlights of this course along Glaronissia, Sarakiniko, Papafragos, Mandrakia and Firopotamos.




Day 6: The top of a breathtaking experience

sch day6For the 6th day, we have saved the most exciting way to finish our swimming adventure. Early in the morning the boat will be taking us from Pollonia to Thiorichio (Sulfur mine), an incomparable beach lying right in front of an abandoned sulfur mine, a spectacular industrial age ruin. From there we will swim along the Southeast part of Milos, one of the most interesting and beautiful coastlines in Greece, full of impressive rock formations and extraordinary beaches. We end our morning session at Palaiochori, where we will admire the geological miracle of Milos reflected on the natural colors of the cliffs. We will then have a rest and a light meal on board, while the boat continues its tour along the South coastline rewarding us with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes an eye can see, such as the spectacular Gerakas and Tsigrado beaches and the massive white rocks forming caves and passages at the area of Firiplaka, Pounta, Psathi and Katergo. We will be stopping at Gerontas beach and we will dive heading towards one of the most promiment Milos' landmarks, Kleftiko, where the white limestone rock formations contrast with the turquoise crystal clear water. One of the most breath taking views a swimmer can experience. We will have plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular scenery, dive over and over again, take pictures, and rest. Whenever we feel good and ready, we will head back to Pollonia for a special farewell night.

Day 7: The end of our swimming tour

schday4We will have our breakfast at the hotel, chatting over our moments and experiences together. We will enjoy the last moments of our swimming tour resting and diving into the natural pools in front of the hotel, right before our final "farewell".

Thank you for being a part of SwiminGreece, and for joining our SwiminGreece family. We hope you enjoyed your open water swimming experience with us, and we hope to seen you soon  for a new swimming adventure.

Our major concern is your safety. To avoid possibly unsafe situations, all our tours are designed with seasonal, local weather conditions being taken into account. Keeping this in mind, swimming routes are flexible to alterations or changes if the conditions are assessed as likely to put our swimmers at any possible risk.

Swimming Distances

DaysItinerarySwimming Distance
Day 1 Ellinika Beach
Prasa, the white beach
1.7 km
2 km
Day 2 Island Kimolos - Island Polyaigos
Coastline Swimming - Polyaigos
2 km
2 km
Day 3 All day swimming along the North
coastline of Milos
2.5 km
Day 4 South coastline swimming of Polyaigos
The Lighthouse beach
2.5 km
3 km
Day 5 Thiorichio - Palaiochori
Gerontas Beach - Kleftiko
2.5 km
2.5 km


MonthsWater Temp. °CAir Temp. °C
May 21 30
June 22 34
July 24 36
August 25 36
September 24 33
October 22 28

Suggested hiking routes and description

Hiking routesWalking DistanceDescription
Pollonia - Filakopi - Papafragos beach 3 km Walk to one of the greatest cities of the prehistoric Aegean

Plaka - Ancient theatre
Early Christian catacombs
Klima Village

1.5 km A must-do walk into history

Swimming holidays in a natural miracle: Cyclades


overview Duration: 7 days (6 nights)
Period: June - September
Swimming Type: Coastline swimming and island crossing
Swimming distances: 1,7-3 km per session
Accomodation: Accommodation in Pollonia, Milos


  1. Swimming tour, which includes 1-2 daily swims up to 5 km. Our swimming routes involve swimming along beautiful, scenic coastlines or island hopping
  2. Escorting by a main boat and one or two smaller escort boats or kayaks, an experienced guide and a qualified lifeguard.
  3. Accommodation in Pollonia, Milos. The careful selection of our lodging was based on quality of service, the natural beauty of the area and its location as to facilitate the schedule of our daily excursions, giving you the opportunity to enjoy every day new fascinating routes.
  4. Breakfast and lunch. All meals are based on the Mediterranean diet and are prepared in cooperation with a nutritionist as to effectively cover the nutritional needs of swimmers after intense exercise.
  5. Swimming training program  

Not included:

  • Travel to and from the start/end point of the tour
  • Dinner

Swim in a natural miracle: the Cyclades experience


location The Cyclades islands in the Aegean are a natural and architectural miracle attracting crowds of visitors every year. However, you can discover in Cyclades some places of exceptional natural beauty and real authenticity, that remain intact from mass tourism. Our tour in Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos offers a combination of stunning nature and relaxation.

The Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos island complex is situated in Southwestern Cyclades. They are all volcanic islands with an incredible variety of beaches and natural attractions. Milos has one of the most interesting and spectacular coastlines in Greece, an impressive scenery of a variety of rock formations and extraordinary beaches. Kimolos is a peaceful, unspoiled island, ideal for tranquil and relaxing holidays. In spite of its proximity to the popular island of Milos, it has remained a secret well kept, even among Greeks. Its residents are friendly and warm, welcoming and hospitable. Polyaigos is one of the largest uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The island offers a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility along with some magnificent beaches.

The island complex of Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos belongs in an area of particular environmental interest. Polyaigos island and the North-western part of Kimolos are designated as a NATURA 2000 protected "Site of Community Importance". The sea caves of the area serve as natural refuge to a big population of the Mediterranean monk seal "Monachus-Monachus". Western Milos is also designated as a "Special Protection Area" for its rare bird’s species and an "Area of Special Conservation Interest".

photo-eisagogi-cyclades   Swimming Holidays in a natural miracle: the Cyclades tour
7 days | June - July 2014

from 960 €

  The Cyclades islands in the Aegean are a natural miracle of exceptional beauty. Our tour in Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos islands offers a unique swimming experience, combining stunning nature, real authenticity and relaxation.


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