Swimming holidays for nature lovers - Sporades Island 

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Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience


Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience


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Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience

Trip Info


Our hotels in Panormos, Skopelos and in Steni Valla, have been carefully chosen as to combine comfort, hospitality and a pleasant and friendly environment. They are situated in areas where there are plenty of opportunities to go out in the evening, walk around and have a wonderful time. They offer mainly double rooms or studios, but you can book one for single use. However, availability of single rooms depends on the group size so early booking is suggested.


All breakfasts and lunch is included. Lunch meals are based on the Mediterranean diet and are prepared in cooperation with a nutritionist as to effectively cover the nutritional needs of swimmers after intense exercise. Dinners are not included in the price.

Passports and Visas

For information on passports and visas required for traveling to Greece please check the official website of the Greek Tourism Organization.


There are no specific vaccinations required for Greece, but it is advised that your routine vaccinations are up-to-date, including tetanus and polio. However, vaccine recommendations are based on the available risk information for vaccine-preventable diseases in each destination, which can change at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that you refer to your national Center for Disease Control & Prevention and their website at least a month before your trip.

Essential Equipment

We provide water bottles and swim hats, but there are several items available in case you forget to bring your own, such as flippers and goggles.

It is recommended that you bring with you:

  • at least 2 swimming costumes,
  • at least 2 pairs of swimming goggles (one clear and one tinted recommended),
  • sweater/fleece,
  • towel,
  • sun hat,
  • waterproof sun cream,
  • jacket,
  • walking shoes
  • sandals or aqua shoes.

Group Size

This tour has a maximum group size of 12 guests.

Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience

How to get there

Skopelos is located at Central Greece and can therefore be reached from several points. The island has two harbors: the main harbor at Skopelos Town and the one at Glossa (locally known as Loutraki) at the Northwestern side of Skopelos. You have the following options to reach Skopelos depending on your starting point.

From Athens:

  1. Domestic flight of www.olympicair.com from Athens airport to Skiathos. From Skiathos port you can get a ferry, flying dolphin or catamaran for your journey to Skopelos (see section "From Skiathos" for more information).
  2. To access the island of Skopelos from Athens by boat you have to reach the port of Agios Konstantinos in Fthiotis, Central Greece (165 km from Athens), where you can take a ferry or a catamaran/flying dolphin.
  • For going to Agios Konstantinos, you get the Public Intercity Bus (KTEL Fthiotidas) from the bus terminal at Liossion 260, Kato Patisia, Athens. The cheapest way to reach the bus terminal from the airport is by bus X93 (between Doors 4 and 5 of the arrivals level). You get off at the 14th stop "Liossion Intercity (KTEL) Bus Station". Travel time is generally 40 minutes, but allow an hour just to be safe. The bus departs every 30 minutes all day. The ticket costs €3.20 one way and you can buy one from the tickets office right outside the bus terminal or from the driver. Don't forget to validate your ticket by inserting it into the orange box in the bus. You can also take a taxi from the taxi service outside the airport. The taxi queue is outside Door 4 of the arrivals level (price approximately 30 euros). When you get to the Intercity bus station, you look for the ticket office of KTEL Fthiotidos and buy your ticket for Agios Konstantinos (bus direction to Lamia), which costs about 15 euros. It leaves usually every one hour and is very reliable and on time. The bus takes about 2,5 hours to reach Agios Konstantinos. You can call the 14505 service for information about KTEL schedules and ticket fares.

When you arrive at Agios Konstantinos you can buy your tickets from several travel agents on the dock or collect them in case you have booked. It is strongly recommended that you book your ferry tickets in advance. There are at least two or three ferries per day (regular, or the fast Flying Dolphin hydrofoils) in summer from Agios Konstantinos to Skopelos. Travel time by conventional ferry from Agios Konstantinos is approximately 5 hours (price approx. 36 €/adult) and by flying dolphin/catamaran is approximately 3 hours (price approx. 48 €/adult).

From Skiathos:

Skiathos is an island of the Northern Sporades complex which connects to Skopelos by boat. Skiathos airport is the main airport servicing the Northern Sporades islands.
European airlines currently serving Skiathos include Austrian Airlines, Lauda Air, Monarch Airlines and Novair. Flight aggregators such as Expedia also offer up-to-date searches of all flights to Skiathos from across Europe and elsewhere. The British travel company Thomson also offers summertime flights to Skiathos from Birmingham, East Midlands, Gatwick, Manchester and Newcastle.
The best way to go from the airport to the port of Skiathos is by taxi. The taxis are right in front of you as you come out of the airport. The route is approximately 5 minutes and the cost is about 10 euros. From Skiathos port you can get a ferry, flying dolphin or catamaran for your onward journey to Skopelos. The Flying Dolphins and Catamarans take 15 minutes to Glossa and 40 minutes to Skopelos Town.

From Volos:

Volos is a city of Central Greece which belongs to the county of Magnesia. It is also the closest port of Greece mainland which connects to Skopelos. There are many flights to Volos (Aghialos) airport from Gatwick, Bari, Berlin, Vienna, Dussledorf, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Brussels during summer months, offered by Airberlin, Ryanair, Monarch, Avro, Transavia and may other airlines. These flights connect well to the boats to Skopelos.

From Volos airport it is recommended that you take a bus to Volos KTEL bus terminal and get a taxi from the bus terminal to Volos port, or walk for about 10 minutes. The bus ticket from Volos airport to Volos town costs only 5 €, while the taxi from the airport to the port is usually around 50 €.
From the port of Volos you will find several ferries and catamarans that connect daily to Skopelos. Travel time by conventional ferry is approximately 5 hours (price approx. 26 €/adult) and by catamaran is approximately 3 hours (price approx. 45 €/adult).

From Thessaloniki:

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city of Greece, and is located at Northern Greece. Easyjet and Ryanair fly to Thessaloniki as do other airlines such as BA, Olympic, Swiss etc.
Thessaloniki has a ferry which goes straight to Skopelos in the summer months (see NEL’s timetables for more details). From Thessaloniki you can also take the Public Intercity bus (KTEL Magnesias) to Volos and get a boat from Volos port to Skopelos. The bus terminal at Thessaloniki is called Macedonia Intercity Bus Station (KTEL Macedonia) at Gianitson 244 str., 54628, Thessaloniki. The bus to Volos leaves every 1,5-2 hours and the journey takes about 2,5 hours. For information on bus schedules from Thessaloniki to Volos please call 14505 (KTEL phone service) or check www.ktelmacedonia.gr, which is an excellent site.

Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience


 Day 1: Introduction

scheday2 1Welcome to Skopelos! We will be meeting at the hotel, right in front of the amazing Panormos beach at 5:30 pm. You will be thoroughly introduced to the schedule and all the details will be explained and discussed. Relax and get prepared for your swimming adventure!




 Day 2: Swim analysis day

scheday2After our breakfast we will walk to the beautiful beach in front of our hotel, where we will be swimming for about 1 km. During this introductory swim, your guide will carefully monitor your swimming style and technique. We will be having lunch at a local taverna by the sea and will taste some of the most delicious local dishes. In the afternoon we move to the adjacent Kastani beach, where we will be swimming to a green islet right at the opposite for about 2km. All this swimming area is characterized by golden beaches full of pine trees which are literally washed by the sea. In the early evening we will have an optional swimming analysis session where we will discuss on open-water techniques and tips to improve your overall performance.

   Day 3: Island Hopping What a day!

scheday3 1What a day! We will be crossing five islands –Repi, Arkos, Tsougria, Small Tsougria, Skiathos - each one with its own, unique beauty, and will be swimming in three of them.

Our boat will collect us from the hotel, where we will meet our great skipper. When we reach Repi islet we will dive for a quick (500m) island hopping to Arkos, right opposite from Skiathos. From Arkos we will be heading south, towards our next stop (the end of morning session), the incredibly beautiful Tsougria Island, with sand hills covered with pine trees, ending up in golden sandy beaches. So much beauty in such a small place! We will be having a strong meal on board and continue our island hopping. For the afternoon session we will be swimming along the west coastline of Tsougria, over a scenery of sandy beaches always on our right, and end up at our final swimming destination, the islet of Mikri Tsougria. Don’t forget your evening outfit, because our day will end at the port of Skiathos where we will be spending our evening.

  Day 4: Swim from Skopelos to Alonissos

scheday4Change of setting. We begin another exploration to a new island, Alonissos, where we will be swimming in the largest marine park in the Mediterranean Sea, a Natura 2000 protected area, habitat of the Monachus monachus monk seals.

Our swim will begin from a beautiful sea cave at Agios Georgios islet near Skopelos, heading towards Mourtias beach in Alonissos. Our boat trip, during which we will be having lunch, will continue up to Patitiri, the port of Alonissos. SwiminGreece being an active volunteer of MOm organization, one of the most active and recognized Greek Non Governmental Organizations for the study and protection of the Mediterranean monk seal, we will be visiting their offices at Patitiri. We will be introduced to their aims and activities, and we will be informed on the sea areas where we can spot monk seals during our swimming trips.

Having swum more than enough kilometers, the rest of the day is free for you to get to know our new beautiful island. You can either get into the boat to our new hotel location at Votsi, or continue your day at Patitiri, visit the worderful Chora of Alonissos and come to the hotel taking the local bus.

  Day 5: From Steni Valla to Peristera Island – The island calling

scheday5 2After you wake up, just go out to your balcony: the view is so breathtaking that you immediately feel the need to swim in the calm, friendly waters of Sporades. Our boat will be waiting for us just below out hotel and will be taking us to Steni Valla, right in the middle of the East coast of Alonissos. Just at the opposite, the coast of Alonissos embraces the island of Peristera, forming a fjord-like sea area which looks like a lake, challenging you to swim across and explore it. So let’s swim and explore! A very rewarding, calm and refreshing route will begin right from the cove which is a 50m walk from the hotel, ending up at the East coast of Peristera. Our midday break for lunch and rest will take place at one of the island’s most isolated beaches, just nature and us.

   Day 6: Swim in the heart of the Mediterranean’s largest marine park (are you faster than a monk seal?)

scheday6Get ready for a unique swimming trip right in the heart of the Alonissos marine park.

Our boat will be taking us along the Northeastern coastline of Alonissos. We will be passing by the Blue Cave and will be heading North to reach Kyra Panagia island and, more specifically, Planetes, a cove so enclosed that the distance from one edge to the other doesn’t exceed 90m. We will be passing through this opening and will be entering the bay which looks like a lake; waters are so calm that you will think you will be swimming in a pool. We will continue swimming towards the South side of the bay and stop inside the bay for a relaxing break. After we rest, the boat will be taking us outside the bay to continue swimming along the South-West coastline of Kyra Panagia. This day’s swimming trip is the longest of all the other trips. Yet it is the most exciting and rewarding; we thought that you shouldn’t miss anything from this unique experience of swimming in such a significant and exquisite Mediterranean habitat. It is not at all unlikely that you will meet a monk seal during your swim…

 Day 7: The end of our swimming adventure

scheday6 2We will be having breakfast at the hotel, chatting over our rich experiences. We will be relaxing at the hotel’s swimming pool or at the beach nearby, spending the last moments of our swimming adventure holidays, right before our final "farewell".

We swum in 10 islands, visited the marine park, met great people and became an awesome team. What a trip!

Thank you for being a part of SwiminGreece, and for joining our SwiminGreece family. We hope you enjoyed your open water swimming experience with us, and we hope to see you soon for a new swimming adventure.

  General Info

Our major concern is your safety. To avoid possibly unsafe situations, all our tours are designed with seasonal, local weather conditions being taken into account. Keeping this in mind, swimming routes are flexible to alterations or changes if the conditions are assessed as likely to put our swimmers at any possible risk.

Swimming Distances

DaysItinerarySwimming Distance
Day 1 Panormos Beach
Kastani Beach - Green Islet
1 km
2 km
Day 2 Islet Repi-Arkos-Tsougria
Islet Tsougria-Mikri Tsougria
2.5 km
2.5 km
Day 3 Islet Agios Georgios-Alonissos 2.5 km
Day 4 Alonissos - Island Peristera
South Coastline of Peristera
2 km
3 km
Day 5 Cove Planetes
South of Island Panagia
3.5 km
2.5 km


MonthsWater Temp. °CAir Temp. °C
May 21 30
June 23 34
July 24 36
August 25 36
September 23 33
October 22 28

Suggested hiking routes

Hiking routesWalking DistanceDescription
Panormos Beach - Kastani Beach 2 km Walk through the pine forest
Around and into Glossa Village 1.5 km A must-do walk in the traditional old village
Walk in the Port of Skopelos 1.9 km Walk around Skopelos village with the beautiful architecture
Walk around the Old town of Alonissos 1 km Beautiful view of the Aegean sea from above
Votsi small Port-Patitiri Port 1.5 km Walk into the nice small ports of Alonissos

Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience


overview Duration: 7 days (6 nights)
Period: June - July - September
Swimming Type: Coastline swimming and island crossing
Swimming distances: 1-3,5 km per session
Accomodation: Hotel in Panormos, Skopelos and Votsi, Alonissos



  1. Swimming tour, which includes 1-2 daily swims up to 5 km. Our swimming routes involve swimming along beautiful, scenic coastlines or island hopping
  2. Escorting, since during each swim our guests will be followed by a main boat and one or two smaller escort boats or kayaks and escorted by an experienced guide and a lifeguard.
  3. Accommodation in two different hotels in the islands of Skopelos and Alonnisos. Their careful selection was based on their quality of service, the natural beauty of the area and their location as to facilitate the schedule of our daily excursions, giving you the opportunity to enjoy every day new fascinating routes.
  4. Breakfast and lunch. All meals are based on the Mediterranean diet and are prepared in cooperation with a nutritionist as to effectively cover the nutritional needs of swimmers after intense exercise.
  5. Swimming training program  

Not included:

  • Travel to and from the start/end point of the tour
  • Dinner


Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades experience


location1 The Northern Sporades island complex consists of the four main islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros and a number of smaller islands and rocky outcroppings around them, more than 700.

Our tour involves Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, three islands with extraordinary, bursting plantation. They are amongst the greenest areas in the Mediterranean, with most of their grounds being covered by rich pine forests extending to beautiful sandy beaches and coloring the sea water with a unique emerald shade.

Skiathos is a cosmopolitan island that offers night life, sandy beaches and wonderful scenery. Skopelos is a traditional island with villages of unique architecture, clear waters, sandy beaches and rich pine forests, providing a peaceful setting for relaxing holidays in the Aegean Sea. Alonissos offers moments of peace and tranquility. The National Marine Park of Alonissos is a refuge of the protected Mediterranean Monk Seal "Monachus – Monachus", one of the biggest monk seal species.


photo-eisagogi-sporades   Α must-do swimming exploration for nature lovers: the Sporades tour
7 days | June - September 2016

from 980 €

  Our tour in Sporades involves Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, three islands with extraordinary, bursting plantation. With calm weather throughout the year, Sporades form a harmonious, peaceful setting of crystal emerald waters, blue sky and green surroundings which is ideal for swimming.

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