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1. Why choose us?

We know the Greek seas better than anybody else. Cooperating with the local communities we manage to be a part of them and eventually to be more flexible, quick and effective, achieving high levels of service and satisfaction.

2. I am an amateur swimmer, can I cope with the swimming tours?

Yes. People of any age, swimming skill and experience sharing their love for swimming outdoors are able to join our tours. Our tours are divided in two or three groups according to swimming skill (speed, endurance, technique etc). It is worth to say that you will surprisingly find yourself swimming much longer distances, as you will enjoy swimming together with other people and not by yourself.

3. How many hours a day will I be swimming?

The tour program includes two swimming sessions per day (excluding the welcome and farewell day), a morning and an afternoon session. Swimming distance of each session ranges from 1 to 3,5 km. If you follow the whole route, it is estimated that you will be swimming between 2-3 hours a day (4-5km) depending on your swimming speed and endurance.

4. Are there any age restrictions for joining a swimming tour?

Yes. You should be over 16 years to join our swimming tours. If you are under 18, you should be accompanied by an adult.

5. Can I rest or stop during a swimming route?

Yes. One main boat and one or two smaller escort boats, depending on the group size, will accompany the swimmers, so at any point you can jump on for a break or even for the rest of the ride.

6. What strokes can I swim?

The most common and fastest stroke for open water is front crawl, but breaststroke is a perfectly good stroke as well, so you should use it if you feel more confident with it.

7. If the weather does not permit swimming, do you have alternative plans?

Weather in the Greek islands during summer –especially in June, July and September- is ideal for swimming and there are rarely any unpredictable weather changes. However, our swimming routes are flexible to alterations in case we encounter weather changes (e.g. wind). In this case, we have planned plenty of alternative routes to avoid unpleasant local weather conditions in co-operation with our local skippers who know the local sea better than anyone. In the rare case where swimming is impossible, we have planned a number of alternative activities, such as hiking, environmental activities, tours to local sights etc.

8. Do I need to train before joining a swimming tour?

After you have booked your tour, we will send you an training plan which you can optionally follow for some weeks before your departure to improve your endurance and speed. However, there will definitely be a swimming group corresponding to your level of fitness and swimming skill.

9. How many people will be on each tour?

Up to 14 guests on weekly tours in Cyclades and up to 12 in Sporades.

10. What kinds of marine life will we encounter?

Encountering marine life in the Greek seas is in most of the cases a pleasant surprise. Marine life includes sea turtles, monk seals, dolphins and in rare cases jellyfish of the non-stinging type. If we are lucky enough, dolphins and monk seals may appear during our swims, especially in the area of Sporades. Our tour in Sporades includes a special session on the protection of the Mediterranean Monk seal offered by MOm organization.

11. Are the swimming tours safe?

Yes. The Greek seas are considered among the safest worldwide. Moreover, during the tours one or two –depending on the group size- small inflatable boats or kayaks and a main boat will be escorting the groups. A swimming guide and a lifeguard will be on board. The main boat, is steered by an experienced local skipper, who has excellent knowledge of the local seas and their peculiarities (for more information on safety provisions, see section Safety).

12. Do I need insurance?

Yes, travel insurance covering open water swimming is a requirement for our guests. For more information you can refer to the insurance section.

13. Have you planned any non-swimming activities?

Our swimming routes and accommodation areas have been carefully chosen on the basis of their potential to provide many alternatives. The islands we are visiting have been selected, besides their great swimming paths, for their beautiful hiking trails and unsurpassed architecture of villages, so you can enjoy your evening walks either in the nature trails or in the narrow village streets (see the “Overview” section for information on suggested hiking trails). Moreover, our hotels are situated in areas where there are plenty of opportunities to go out in the evening and have a wonderful time.

14. Is it possible to book a single room?

Yes. Although our hotels offer mainly double rooms or studios, you can book one for single use. However, there is a different price for single or double room booking. Moreover, availability of single rooms depends on the group size so early booking is suggested.

15. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for groups, depending on the group size. Moreover, our hotels provide the ideal accommodation for groups of friends, since they offer fully equipped small or big studios. Please contact us for more information.

16. What do I need to bring with me on a trip?

We provide water bottles and swim hats, but there are several items available in case you forget to bring your own, such as flippers and goggles. For more information on essential equipment, see the “Trip Info” section of each Swimming Tour.

17. What is the payment procedure for the tour?

The payment procedure consists of two simple steps: deposit and final balance. The first step is to fill in the Tour Inquiry Form and chose your preferred tour date. Once we receive your information, we will send you by email the Booking Form, including our Terms and Conditions, which you have to sign and send back to us, as well as information about the available ways to pay your 20% deposit and reserve your place on the tour. As soon as we receive your deposit, you will receive an email with information about the procedure of paying your final balance, which is due 6 weeks prior to departure. Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

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