5 Tips for open water swimming

 DSCN4548 copySwim with others- Leaving the safety of the pool, it’s very common for even the best of swimmers to be uneasy about swimming out into the open ocean. The easiest way to quell those stomach butterflies? Firstly, use yoga breathing techniques to help mentally prepare for a swim. Secondly, you needn’t look no further than the solution mother nature has devised to instill confidence in every species of ocean swimmer – swim in groups! 

Never swim alone– It’s obvious that swimming out in the open water is something you shouldn’t be doing alone. Nevertheless, if you’re set on swimming by yourself, make sure that you are being constantly spotted by someone on land, and wearing a brightly colored swimming cap so that you can be easily discerned.

Work your breathing technique– It’s very important tο work on your bilateral breathing technique. By exhaling into the water and breathing every three strokes, you’ll develop a faster and more symmetrical freestyle stroke. Bilateral breathing will also allow you to swim straighter than one sided breathing, helping to keep you on course.

 Get your sighting correct – Unlike the pool, it’s not easy to get your bearings out in the open water. That’s why you should work on sighting techniques that will help you get where you’re going.  Every time you lift your head, check your land markers make sure you’re headed in the right direction – but learn to not overdo it, as sighting wastes a swimmer’s energy.

 Save your strength– You’re not dealing with calm waters, but with waves and currents. Since you won’t be taking any breaks from stroking, you should change your swimming technique to reflect your new surroundings – go for slower speeds and powerful strokes. You should always have strength left to deal with abrupt changes in water conditions.



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