Sporades swimming holidays

 Sporades swimming holidays

sporades swimming holidaysOur swimming holidays in Sporades take place in a beautiful island complex in the northeastern part of the Aegean and specifically in Alonissos and Skopelos islands. These islands attract a large number of tourists each year from all around the world. The crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, the fantastic sea caves and the warm light of the summer sun will make your holidays in Sporades truly unforgettable.

All these islands are characterized by dense plantation which, combined with the blue colors of the sea and the sky, creates an earthly natural paradise.

Alonissos offers moments of peace and tranquility and is a refuge of rare marine species. Alonissos is famous for its unrivaled natural beauty. It has pinewoods in its southern part offering rich hiking trails and beautiful landscapes, as well as beaches with crystal clear waters.

In 1992 the National Marine Park of Alonnisos was founded for the protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal , one of the biggest monk seal species. The Marine Park is a unique habitat, where protection as well as research activities take place regarding the Mediterranean Monk Seal and other marine species. Patitiri is the port of Alonissos and the commercial center of the island and its name comes from the grape presses that existed there.

Allonisis swimming holidaysChora or Alonissos is the island's capital, built on a hilltop and is one of the most beautiful island capitals in Greece. It has traditional settlements of stone houses with colorful windows and doors.

Alonissos is an ideal destination for walkers. Routes paved trails allow you to enjoy its natural environment which is rich in flora and fauna.

Skopelos is a traditional island with sandy beaches and crystal waters, surrounded by greenery. The island is an ideal destination for quiet and relaxing holidays. It is the second largest island of the Sporades. It is called “the island of forests” because it is the greenest island in Greece. The ground, in its bigger part, is covered with beautiful pinewoods that lead to beautiful beaches and bays.

 The town of Skopelos retains a traditional character with narrow cobbled streets and picturesque white houses. Larger villages are Glossa, Klima and Elios. From Glossa one can enjoy a marvelous view of Skiathos and Pelion.

The schedule of SwiminGreece swimming holidays in Sporades offers you the opportunity to discover most of the beautiful places these peaceful islands have to offer. Our swimming routes involve coastal swimming along the islands’ green coastline, island crossing, swimming in the Marine Park of Alonissos and a visit to the offices of the environmental organization MOm, an active and well known Greek NGO responsible for the protection and the study of the Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus  monachus. Our swimming guides are local people who know every hidden corner of these beautiful islands and are eager to share with you their knowledge and let you explore and discover their secrets! 

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