Swimming paths in Central Greece

A quite, fertile, isolated area in Central Greece (East Fthiotis-South Magnesia) which remains intact of mass tourism. The landscape consists of scattered small villages either lying on the seaside or hidden behind rolling hills with olive and citrus trees. The area is extended to Pagasetikos Gulf with the green Pelion Mountain, one of the most popular summer and winter holiday destinations, overlooking the bay. In the bay you can discover lovely isolated fishing villages, small islets and beautiful beaches.


Total Ranking: rank3


  1. Islet close to Old Trikeri Village | Distance: 3km | Orientation: South-East
  2. Village Achilion to Pigadion | Distance: 4 km | Orientation: North
  3. Agios Dimitrios to Argironisi Islet  | Distance: 4km | Orientation: South-East


central greece initial thumbDescription: The coastline is so long and the hidden bays and islets are so many that you can follow a new swimming path each day. All you need to know is what time you should swim: the waves are quite strong from late morning until early evening. Before and after that the sea is as quiet as a mirror. Swimming routes 2 and 3 require extra attention since there are sea currents that make swimming difficult. The water in the area is deep, dark and lukewarm.


ItineraryDifficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
1 2 3 3
2 4 3 2
3 4 3 3

* The level of difficulty is estimated considering three major factors: wind, wave normality, currents and distance from the coast

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