Small Cyclades

Ιraklia is a small beautiful island beneath Naxos. It belongs to the Small Cyclades island complex. It offers the perfect opportunity to escape, relax and enjoy tranquil holidays.


Total Ranking: rank4

Itinerary: Karvounolakos - Alimia beach 
Distance: 2.5 km
Orientation: South


irakleia inside thumbDescription: The route begins from the sandy Karvounolakos beach and ends at Alimia beach. The unique-color waters, the landscape and the sun form the perfect scenery for a wonderful swimming experience. Alimia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iraklia. The beautiful waters hide a naval seaplane sank there during the Second World War in just 9 meters depth.



ItineraryDifficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
1 3 4 5

* The level of difficulty is estimated considering three major factors: wind, wave normality, currents and distance from the coast

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