Lake swimming

The Plastiras Lake is an artificial lake of total surface of 24 km2, created by the dam of Tavropos river. It attracts thousands of visitors all year round due to its impressive attractions. You will find religious monuments of great cultural and architectural interest, monasteries, museums, the Tavropos dam, the botanical garden, the mountain lodge of Agrafa, bridges, caves and places that offer panoramic views of the lake.


Total Ranking: rank3

Itinerary: Pezoulas Beach-Beach Lamperou beach
Distance: 4 km
Orientation: East


plastiras in thumbDescription: A unique experience of lake swimming at an altitude of 800 meters, surrounded by towering mountains covered with fir trees, reminding you of an alpine landscape. Swimming in the calm waters of the lake in the green surroundings gives you a perfect sense of harmony, relaxation and balance.




ItineraryDifficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
1 2 5 2

* The level of difficulty is estimated considering three major factors: wind, wave normality, currents and distance from the coast

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