Zakynthos swimming

We are glad to post the swimming experiences written and sent to SwiminGreece by Lars Fiedler. Enjoy his excellent route descriptions! Thanks Lars!


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Route 1: Camping Tartaruga - Marathonisi
The special of this 2,7km swim is that you can see the ground all the time with sand, sea grass, rocks and, if you are lucky, turtles. Because the whole bay is very shallow the water is very warm, even in May. Be aware that Zakynthos is very touristic. So it is absolutely necessary to have an escort boat for this crossing, and it is best to start early in the morning.

Difficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
3 3 5

Route 2: Around Marathonisi

Marathonisi lies like a piece of torte in the water. The 2km swim around it shows you a variety of a sandy beaches, steep rocks, sun and shadow. Every look around the next corner shows you a new special scenery.
Note: On the sandy beach on Marathonisi the turtles have their nests. So you are not allowed to enter the whole beach. You are only allowed to sit on the beach close to the water (2 meters).

Difficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
2 5 3

Route 3: Kalamaki beach - Sekania beach - Dafni Beach

The sandy Kalamaki beach seems quite boring to swim. But when you enter the nature reserve, you will see gulls and turtles. Once I saw 5 turtles on my way there. The rock formations at Sekania beach are very special. Swim along the long Sekania beach and take the last 1km to Dafni beach. This 4km swim is only for very experienced swimmers, because it is not allowed for boats to enter the nature reserve. Wind and waves can change here very fast to your disadvantage. But if you like the adventure and know your limits, it is a very lonely and unique swim where you will feel to be united with nature.
Note: It is forbidden to enter Sekania beach. It is the last beach on Zakynthos that is really reserved for the turtles. So do not touch anything, even inside the water. Keep your distance (10m) to the turtles, do not stress them. They are pregnant. Do not influence their route.

Difficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
5 5 5

Route 4: Camping Tartaruga - Limni Keriou beach
This is an average swim. But if you are lucky you can see a turtle. And you can buy a Gyros Pita at the beach of Limi Keriou. So put some coins in your swimming costume and enjoy some food on the beach before you swim the 1.5km back. Note that there is always a current from Limni Keriou to Camping Tartaruga. So on your way back you will feel very fast - the reason is not only Gyros :-).

Difficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
4 2 3


* The level of difficulty is estimated considering three major factors: wind, wave normality, currents and distance from the coast

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