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A route from the past

The small historic island of Hydra is the most cosmopolitan of the Argosaronikos Islands.
Hydra is an island with a rich maritime tradition, as you see on your own taking a walk in the quaint, narrow streets that spiral up through the town of Hydra, admiring its old, well-preserved mansions. Hydra is a car-free island and has a rich artistic tradition.


Total Ranking: rank3

Itinerary: Hydra Town - Vlichos  beach
Distance: 1.7 km 
Orientation: West


hydra initial thumbDescription: The route starts from the historic town of Hydra and ends at Vlichos beach. This swimming path is characterized by great depth, clear and cool water, while the island’s rocky coastline will follow you throughout your swim.





ItineraryDifficulty*LandscapeUnderwater view
1 4 3 3

* The level of difficulty is estimated considering three major factors: wind, wave normality, currents and distance from the coast

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